INTERVIEW: Shona Davison

always possible


  • As a person with autism I found listening to this difficult due to the ‘sound pops’ and tinny sound; maybe take some of the HI’s out using the gain dials in the/your studio. Perhaps this could be edited to be less painful on autistic ears…? Really tried focusing on the conversation but found this a distraction.

    • Thank you for taking the time to listen, Jaimes, and also for your feedback.

      We have a professional audio producer working wonders on the sound, but the recording with Shona was done over some simple webinar software and computer microphones, so neither of us were in a studio.

      We aim for every podcast to feel like an eavesdropped conversation on the phone, rather than a polished studio interview.
      However, we certainly didn’t want you to have a painful or distracting experience.

      We’ll discuss with our editor, and if anything can be done we’ll do it.

      Thanks again,


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