A new taskgroup on life-readiness and creativity in education

always possible will be chairing a new national taskgroup, with the Royal Society of Arts, to look at  best practice around life-readiness preparation in education

Many teachers challenge the notion that their role is to prepare young people for work. Many employers are dismayed by an education system that obsesses about qualifications rather than a student’s adaptability, resilience, creativity and diligence.

The notion of employability assumes that the future of work is all about being employed- rather than creating something new or managing a portfolio career. You can’t be an apprentice when you’re self-employed, yet growth industries like disruptive/immersive technology and construction are built on sole-traders.

We know that many students are taught exam technique, with the likelihood that once they have finished compulsory education there is a good chance they may never take an exam again. 

always possible will be chairing a new national taskgroup to look at existing best practice around life-readiness preparation in education, and whether a more holistic approach to independent living, negotiation and problem-solving can be more effective than the narrow channels of personal development curricula that we have today.

This taskgroup will attempt to reclaim work-readiness and exam-readiness, and a whole lot more, as life-readiness and give teachers (and everybody else) confidence and clarity in capturing the more informal learning, the behaviours and a child’s capacity to innovate and build networks (and for this to be as critical to any performance measurement as core is academic achievement). This group will debate, create and promote events, projects and research that put the creativity back into life-readiness at every stage of school and college life.

 A #BigEducationConference to kick-start the action is being planned for Autumn 2018.

Led by the Royal Society of Arts’ Innovative Education Network, this community of RSA Fellows and non-fellows alike will champion new ways to tackle ingrained problems, and creative ways to tackle new problems. Its members will champion an education system that puts learning rather than assessing at its heart, exploring the findings and questions posed by Julian Astle’s The Idea School Exhibition – a paper about a group of schools that are bucking a growing and concerning trend: that of schools narrowing their focus, and hollowing-out their teaching, in their desperation to meet the constantly shifting demands of the government’s accountability system.

If you would like to express an interest in joining the taskgroup, please email richard@alwayspossible.co.uk

always possible

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