About Us

Why is the company name written in lower case?

This is a common question put to the always possible team.

Well, the full answer is that using capital letters makes everything feel definitive and final. And what we do is more part of an ongoing conversation; somewhere along the journey, helping brilliant organisations to move forward based on where they have come from.

We’re expert researchers, facilitator and mentors – but we don’t ever start out with all the answers. We find them. We help different teams to build confidence and story-telling skills in the answers as they emerge.

The short answer is it just looks cool.


Our vision

Organisations and entrepreneurs feel confident about the future, because they align what they do with the impact they have, and what people actually need.

Every team should have the agency, capacity and evidence in their work to effect positive economic, social and environmental change.

Our mission

We help leaders work out what’s next.

Through practical challenge, support and evidence-gathering – we enable business, charity and public sector organisations to make the best decisions they can.

We’re interested in the future. 

We do everything we can to make it easier for ambitious teams to thrive – with a clear sense of why they exist, who for, and how their products and services are solving problems as well as enriching individual lives, the planet and our common humanity.

Our mission is to ensure that all organisations and networks are creative and sustainable – and that economic growth in our towns, cities and countryside aligns with our growth as healthy, connected communities.

We draw value from conversations that are already happening, but amplify and accelerate the good ideas with evidence and clarity.

By linking people together through common goals we can help organisations make the case for investment. We enable people to find the confidence to be bold – and to take positive risks – when the evidence says it’s the right thing to do.

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Our values

  • To be brave
  • To collaborate
  • To be sustainable
  • To have integrity
  • To share good ideas
  • To be impactful

The change we make

We only work with people whose ideas we love and where we can genuinely make a difference. 

We believe in systems built on collaboration, creativity and measurable change. And we believe that everyone must put more back into the world than they take out. 

Businesses perform better when they understand what problem they are solving for their customers, staff, audiences and investors – and then use that problem-solving ability to lift up all of their communities.

Charities perform better when they break cycles of need and interdependence, and draw on the best ideas to support social reform. Compassion and commercial savvy in big doses is the key to ever-evolving charities that tackle 21st century challenges head-on.

Public sector organisations perform better when they allow some risk, looking out for inspiration in all sectors, creating space for big ideas. Listening, adapting and challenging assumptions will always serve people more effectively than rigid systems that are built  to stand still.

always possible exists to support and encourage this brave new world.


Brighton Chamber member Wired Sussex member badge Proud member of Worthing & Adur Chamber of Commerce Digital Skills Partnership

We are a living wage employer badgeThe Good Business Club - Worthing and Beyond


BAHBA Finalist
Sussex Business Awards


CASE STUDY: Recover & Rise Digital Accelerator

CASE STUDY: Recover & Rise Digital Accelerator

Case Study: Events, Engagement & FacilitationWSCC Recover & Rise Digital Accelerator  ContextAs part of West Sussex County Council’s (WSCC) Economy Reset Plan 2020-2024. The Recover and Rise programme was introduced to find an engaging approach to...

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NEWS: UKRIO has launched 4 year strategy

NEWS: UKRIO has launched 4 year strategy

NEWS: UKRIO launches 4-year strategyFollowing a 6-month project with always possible, the UK Research Integrity Office (UKRIO) have launched their new 4-year strategy. UKRIO is an impressive and well-respected national charity. Their work underpins high quality...

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5 Big Questions: CAROLYNN BAIN  Why will intentionality change the world? How do we challenge word of mouth book recommendations?  And what is the difference between not-racism and anti-racism? In this week’s 5 Big Questions interview we talk to book shop owner,...

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CASE STUDY: The Social Care Institute for Excellence

CASE STUDY: The Social Care Institute for Excellence

Case Study: Research, Evaluation & DesignSCIE Theory of Change & Stakeholder Mapping  ContextThe Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) are a national charity that provides training, consultancy and advocacy for the Dept. Health & Social Care and...

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CASE STUDY: Age UK West Sussex, Brighton & Hove

CASE STUDY: Age UK West Sussex, Brighton & Hove

Case Study: Research, Evaluation & DesignAge UK West Sussex, Brighton & Hove  ContextAge UK West Sussex, Brighton and Hove is a brand partner of Age UK national delivering support and providing services to over 50s across West Sussex, Brighton and Hove....

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5 Big Questions
Through our consultancy, event, research, mentoring, design and critical friendship, we work with ambitious businesses, charities and public services who also want to know the answers to these questions for themselves.

Measuring change

Measuring change

How can you better measure the social and economic impact you have?


Ready for anything - future proofing

Ready for anything

How can all growing businesses prepare for the future?


Skills, talent & opportunity

Skills and opportunity

What sort of workforce will be needed for whatever comes next?


Embedded innovation

Genuine innovation 

How can creativity solve more of our challenges?


Bold connections, collaboration

Bold connections

What does better collaboration look like?