Ageing well: what should be at the centre of care, the person or the relationship?

Much is made of delivering person centred care, but in looking too closely at the individual there is a chance we are devaluing social connection. Refocusing on the relationships between the older person and the people who care for them encourages us to the differently about the active role older people can play in this dynamic. This webinar explored whether focusing on quality relationships can improve outcomes for older people. We examined the difference between the two approaches and how thinking differently could impact the care and support that is delivered. Speakers:
  • Dr Henglien Chen – Deputy Director for Social Work Innovation and Research, University of Sussex
  • Charlotte Evans – Story Chaplain
  • Brendan Commane – Volunteer Befriender, Time To Talk
  • Pati Bielak-Smith – NVC Trainer

This project is funded by the University of Sussex and the Economic and Social Research Council to help translate academic knowledge into action. The activity is facilitated by always possible, a unique consultancy looking at 21st century problem-solving through connected conversation.

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