How dare a non-profit business earn money?

A very new networking concept

always possible didn’t think twice about supporting Ambigo‘s unique co-development event for businesses – happening in Brighton on 25th September. The value for participants will be simply brilliant.

Adam Bates, Ambigo’s Executive Director, explains the idea.


An interesting community

I literally received this email from a potential business client last week: “Unfortunately, I’m startled about the price. I thought that because you were a not-for-profit, you wouldn’t charge much, and not as much as a private company”


We have the same overheads as private businesses. The difference is that 100% of our surplus goes towards charitable projects in the community. In a world that often values the expertise, impact and experience of charitable organisations less than profit-making entities, we have to be creative when it comes to fundraising.

Photo credit: Ambigo CIC


Ambigo is a Community Interest Company (CIC), based in Brighton, delivering fun community networking events. We strengthen community cohesion by bringing people from diverse backgrounds together to exchange support for their goals, ideas and ambitions.

It works a treat!

Over 2,000 people have benefitted from our activities in the last 2 years and we have close to 100% positive feedback. Hooray! We do this to increase personal fulfilment and social harmony…not just out in the community, but at work too.


Have you achieved what you were supposed to achieve yet?

Daily, we’re all bombarded with messages about what others have and what we should have.  There’s a huge, yet largely unrecognised yearning to be listened to about what our own needs and wishes really are.

This is one of the reasons our events are so effective.

They’re carefully structured to allow every individual to be heard about what’s uniquely important to them. Everyone’s goals are then given an equal amount of attention when being supported – and people love helping one another! Participants have been supported towards goals that have ranged from ‘to be more outgoing’ to ‘publish a photo book about migrant dogs’. But could this approach work in a business setting?

Yes! To be frank.

Literally amazing

Adam Bates

We discovered this when always possible – who have been helping curate the annual Brighton Summit – kindly recommended that we be involved in the 2018 event.

Even though we had to run a shortened version of our regular two-hour session, by the end 60 business representatives had exchanged information, contacts, advice and other support for the specific needs and goals of their businesses.

The participant feedback was “literally amazing!” according to the Brighton Chamber of Commerce.

And this gave us an idea….

Business-to-business networking with big bags of social value

It’s never a delight to ask people for money so we can do good stuff in the community. Instead, we’d rather offer something of true, proven benefit that they want to pay for.

That’s why we’re running our first-ever B2B Co-development event in September.

Instead of conventional networking events where attendees might have semi-awkward conversations with a handful of people trying to sell them something, businesses will come together to make meaningful connections to drive each other forwards. It feels exciting to be able to generate income for our charitable projects by providing a valuable experience for others.

Plus, this time, no-one will be startled by the price.








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