A call for new associates

We’re on the look-out for truly brilliant people


What’s the deal?

always possible is delivering and developing some big projects throughout 2020 and beyond. We have ambitions for growth. Building upon our success, we want to help people solve more 21st century problems and create more opportunity.
We are looking for skilled professionals from across the UK. People who can connect policy to practice and the big picture to everyday decision-making.
We are proud of the always possible associate team, who bring a diversity of collective thought and knowledge. When extraordinary individual abilities support people to make change happen… change happens.

We’d love to hear from you if you’re:

  • curious about the future
  • driven by relationship-building
  • able to join-up disparate or siloed activity
  • capable of translating complex ideas into practical action
  • a believer that business, education, culture and community are part of the same story
  • an expert at what you do, but with so much more to learn


What are we looking for?


always possible is known for incisive and creative impact assessments, evaluation reports and feasibility studies.

We are looking for experienced researchers and evaluators, who can turn complex qualitative and quantitative data into meaningful, useful and plain English recommendations.

You’ll be excellent at consultation and stakeholder engagement as well as data analysis and report writing.


always possible curates, presents and hosts over 80 workshops and events per year. From design-thinking sessions to cross-sector conferences, expert talks to in-house professional development – we offer responsive, informal and practical gatherings.

We are looking for gifted facilitators who ensure that every participant has a useful experience, can read a room, and can move people from big ideas – on a range of subjects – towards clear action.

Our key areas for specialist trainers include:

  • sustainable business development
  • strategic place-making, economic growth and building regional stories
  • intellectual property and business protection
  • design-thinking and collaborative innovation
  • marketing, PR and digital influencing
  • 21st century leadership
  • skills development, education and work-based learning
  • ethical selling
  • social value impact

Our strong links to the public, private and voluntary sector, as well as emerging social enterprises, are important; and we’re looking for new ways to package up the value we create.

We are looking to expand our business and organisational development offer in 2020, following successful projects in recent years.

We’re looking for confident, personable guides and mentors. People who can help businesses to think differently about the things that aren’t working, to diversify approaches, to build influence, to use data to make better decisions and to connect with strategic conversations around them.

Designing and delivering wide ranging and complex projects, engaging events and public consultation activities for our clients is an ever-evolving backbone to the always possible mission.

We’re an agile team, known for curating and showcasing, troubleshooting and strategising, connecting and enabling through the work we do.

We need experienced people to support in the logistical and practical creation of some seriously exciting activity in 2020 across a range of projects. Flexibility, precision, attention to detail and client/stake-holder communications are key.


What is an always possible associate?

Associates are self-employed, wearers of many hats. Some are best at strategy, some at operations, all care about the work they do and have an ambition to help ambitious organisations be the best they can.

You’ll be undertaking work as a representative of always possible, but we won’t squash your individual flair, creativity or expertise. We will co-design everything with you.

There is no guarantee or obligation of work. We aim to engage associates as much as we can, but the work is flexible and developmental – sometimes it will be very busy, sometimes we might scale back and hunker down on a deep and narrow project.

We create new products and services in partnership with associates. And sometimes we can be the infrastructure behind an associate-led project, if its sits within our core values. The best parts of our work are often the parts we don’t yet know about.

We want to offer training, a network of support, regular professional development days and shared learning. These are ideas in progress, and perhaps you’ll have some thoughts about this.

Fees for projects won’t always be the most you can charge, but they will be competitive. And the added value of being in a lively, well-respected professional family that works on extraordinary projects (without the ties of 9-5) is massive.

It is important to stress that we are looking for associates only – the hours available do not equate to full-time employment and all work is subject to project contracts.




If you interested in any of the above, tell us all about yourself in a way that reflects you.

You could send us a letter, a poem, a video, or a t-shirt. You could sky write it, animate it, sing it or just email it.

Include answers to the questions below and a link to a CV or online profile. Please send it to take-me-on@alwayspossible.co.uk by 6pm on Friday 17th January.


Questions for you

How does your mission align with ours?
If you’re working on your own, how will the rest of the team know what you’ve achieved, what you’ve got stuck with, what support you need and what your amazing ideas are?
How do you make decisions?

What have you done in the last five years to positively transform an organisation – please give examples?
What would make you an extraordinary associate?

What do you think your expertise is?
What sort of projects would you get most excited about?
Why you, working with us, right now?


We don’t care what school you went to, if you have a disability, what colour your hair is, your gender, age, ethnicity, sexuality or favourite Spice Girl.

We will take each application on its own merits, reading your answers and getting a sense of what you’re about. We might Google you, so hide any pictures from that pub crawl. You know the one we mean.

Short-listed candidates will be invited to an informal chat with the core team before the end of February. Due to capacity, we will not be able to provide any feedback to candidates who don’t make the shortlist. We’ll then discuss next steps with those whom we’d like to take the conversation further.



Good luck. We look forward to hearing from you.




always possible

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