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Client Spotlight: IN THE LOOP DRINKS

2022 was the year in which Sussex wine received protected origin status. A move that will see the world asking for ‘a bottle of Sussex’ when celebration a big event. Yes it will. It will!

In The Loop drinks was created by East Sussex-based entrepreneur Gnina Balchin to keep English wine in the circular economy.

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Gnina was a participant in the unique GLIDE programme for creative entrepreneurs, designed and delivered by always possible in partnership with Buckinghamshire New University.

We asked her what she is up to with her future-focused business.

Why does your business exist and what problems are you trying to solve?

“In the loop drinks was created to keep English wine in the circular economy (literally – in the loop), providing a service to wineries by removing their surplus/unwanted wine. This wine is then crafted into English Vermouth, offering a quintessentially British and versatile cocktail ingredient. The Vermouth is sold on its own and also used to create a range of bottled cocktails, satisfying those that want to drink a cocktail but not necessarily make it.”

If you could pitch directly to your dream customer in 300 words, what would you say?

“I would say that the English Vermouth range is for the knowledgeable home cocktail maker who wants a dependable, high quality cocktail staple that satisfies all the classic cocktail requirements whilst bringing new ingredients, processes and therefore flavours and stories to the cocktail cabinet.

“The Ready to drink cocktail range on the other hand is for the adventurous, self-assured cocktail drinker. This range showcases high quality, trusted ingredients presented in classic recipes with a twist of intrigue.

“Everything is handmade on site in Uckfield, East Sussex in a solar-powered winery by yours truly. The recipes are a culmination of food science and oenological knowledge and experience, and everything is Vegan.”

What are you most excited about, in terms of your business ambitions, in the next 5 years?

“We’re at a point now where I can see real potential for consistent sales and organic growth, and that’s super exciting.”

What action would you like potential new customers to take?

“Try our vermouth in an English negroni – and spread the word!”

Has it been helpful working with the always possible team?

“Being part of GLIDE, I have learnt much more on how important it is to network and collaborate. 1+1=5! The sky’s the limit.”

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