The charities we’re working with and why

always possible’s research and business support teams are providing consultancy to a number of brilliant charities from across the UK. Looking at their missions in the post-pandemic world, we’re helping to find new evidence of need, engage with new service users in new ways and build updated theories of change.

The pandemic was a rough ride for society’s most vulnerable, and whilst many voluntary sector organisations sadly saw fundraising collapse, those who work to deliver or design support on the frontline saw demand raise by up to 1000% with central and local government relying on them more than ever to reach people in most need.

Age UK

Age UK in West Sussex and Brighton & Hove is the regional hub of this well-known critical support service for an ageing population. Through a number of intensive research, strategy and consultation projects, we’re helping the team to reach people that don’t yet use their services but could. We’re also exploring what ageing means to different people over the age of 40 who might already be anxious about planning retirement finances and healthcare.

Grassroots Suicide Prevention

This small, but high impact charity has been training thousands of people in how to spot signs of suicidal thoughts in friends, family and colleagues – and what to do to provide the best support. With new digital offerings and ambitions to move beyond their current south coast patch, the GSP team has been working with ours on planning to build visibility and influence in 2022 and beyond.

The UK Research Integrity Office

This national charity offers critical guidance, training and resources to academics and universities, ensuring that UK research is always amongst the most ethical and highest quality in the world. We’re helping them look at the changing world of research, and the range of communities that benefit from their support in new and innovative ways.


One of our favourite community arts organisations, these fierce musical pioneers have recently switched from social enterprise to full charitable status. Endless energy drives these guys to use music-making as a tool for social cohesion, positive mental health and wellbeing, and intergenerational connection in unique ways. Through our >BREAKTHROUGH and #The100 projects, we have been providing 1:1 mentoring and guidance.

The Social Care Institute for Excellence

A new collaboration for us, sees the always possible team and the SCIE team asking big questions about the future of excellence in social care training, safeguarding and policy-making. This national charity delivers so many different services to such a complex and misunderstood sector, that we’re helping with streamlining and rationalising ways to have the biggest impact in the smartest ways.

Although just the tip of the iceberg, this list gives a flavour of why some of the UK’s most extraordinary charities ask us to spend time listening, shaping and enabling new eras of growth, impact and productivity.

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