Get your creative juices flowing with Meg Fenn’s excellent 2 Minute Learning and Creativity Challenges.

Did you know that our ace associate and design wizard Meg Fenn creates and curates an excellent series of Creativity Challenges exclusively for The Possibility Club?

In each 2 Minute Learning video Meg introduces an inspirational figure or concept and offers links to further research for those who would like to dive a little deeper.

The Creativity Challenges are short, inclusive, micro-projects to get those creative juices flowing. They invite you to take a little time and space to create something – whether that be an art or craft object, a haiku or piece of writing.

You can see all of Meg’s videos and articles by browsing the Creativity Challenges topic at The Possibility Club. Preview a small selection below.

2 Minute Learnings

2 Minute Learning: Creative Confidence

Spotlights David Kelley, founder of IDEO and at Stanford University

2 Minute Learning: Art as Social Activism

Focuses on the artist Keith Haring

Creativity Challenges


This challenge, from Epping Forest District Museum, invites us to tell, create and share a story by making a box theatre. A great activity to do with the little people in your life!

Meg’s additional challenge was to create a spring Haiku.

Meg provided a little inspiration in the shape of one she’d written:

Each day I see more
Colour and fresh blooms pop up
Rebirth and beauty

Change 1 thing

Meg challenges the reader to consider where their comfort zone is and to think of one thing to change, or do differently, in order to introduce a different perspective or way of looking at things.

Meg gave some examples from reading something you normally wouldn’t to saying ‘yes’ to something new; changing the order in which you do things or moving an item of furniture or ornament. What is 1 thing you could change to add some freshness to your thinking?

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