Does creativity get us out of the financial abyss?

A blog post by always possible CEO, Richard Freeman.

The recent publication of the Creative Industries Sector Vision has, maybe, ignited a fresh wave of enthusiasm and hope within the creative sector.

This manifesto, jointly developed by the government and industry, highlights the significance of the creative industries in driving economic growth and fostering a thriving creative ecosystem.


Have you read it yet?

A photograph of The Fuse at Ten report book

I spent part of the morning discussing it with the brilliant former TV exec, now Oxford don and AI expert Dr Alex Connock. Podcast coming soon…

It certainly outlines ambitious goals and objectives to unlock the potential for growth in creative clusters across the UK, aiming to add £50 billion more in GVA by 2030.

The focus is, rightly, on building a highly skilled, productive, and inclusive workforce. The report extolls the importance of nurturing creative talent from a young age, providing education and opportunities for individuals from all backgrounds.

This DOES NOT happen in a bubble. Collaboration between the government, industry, and academia – whether it is nationally or regional place-based ecosystem projects – must compel local authorities to support regional creative industries strategies. With proper evidence and long-term ideas.

I’m personally delighted to see my Alma Mater, Royal Holloway, University of London continuing to push the boundaries of immersive tech and performance as a commercial/research co-design >>

At always possible, we will always champion the creative sector – with workforce development being at the heart of it. We are dogmatic about the truth that creativity drives 21st-century problem-solving, social impact, and future-proofing.

Since 2015, we have provided research, strategy support, critical friendship and programme design to everyone from Royal Opera House to Fox&BearBrighton Digital Festival to Little Angel Theatre, universities, investors and councils – driving innovation, sustainable delivery models and ever wider engagement.

We are super proud of our work to co-design wide, collaborative creative and digital skills projects – from Talent Accelerator to Essex2020, the UK Cultural BackPack to Cities of Learning, Digital Futures West Sussex to GLIDE.

But there is so much to do!

This new ‘Vision’ goes some way to recognising the broader impact of the creative industries on individuals, communities, the environment, and the UK’s global standing.

It acknowledges the role of culture and creativity in improving well-being, strengthening local communities, and promoting pride in place.

When do the reports become a systemic and wide conversation, celebrating the thing this country is actually very very good at…?

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