Pain points and solutions in professional services: How to increase positive impact

In an era where we’re constantly swiping, scrolling, and searching for the next big thing, professional services firms can feel like they’re forever playing catch-up. Yeah, the jigsaw puzzle of challenges—be it digital transformation, HR hiccups, or the quest for sustainable growth—can feel daunting. But the good news? Sometimes, the magic formula for success involves a step back, a dash of clarity, and perhaps, a nudge from a thoughtful partner. Let’s dive into some real-life case studies.

The quest for purpose: Multiply

In the high-stakes, ever-evolving field of tech, Multiply found themselves grappling with a unique quandary: how to transfer advanced engineering solutions into something greater, something with a tangible societal impact. The pain point here was articulating that lofty mission into a compelling narrative. And hey, they’ve been making strides ever since. Global advocacy for responsible tech funding policies? Check. Forming collaborations for local social impact? Absolutely.

The logo of multiply global. You can click it to go to the Multiply Global website

The people puzzle: Bright HR

Bright HR may have been experts in HR solutions, but even the virtuoso sometimes needs a rehearsal. Their challenge was defining actionable steps for productivity and growth. Through mentoring and tactical planning, they found their groove, navigating the complexities of human relationships and business networks.

Bright HR logo

Space, the final frontier: The Werks Group

Offering vibrant flexi-workspaces, The Werks Group had to adapt in a post-pandemic landscape. They faced the need to diversify their offerings while holding onto their unique identity. Through strategic reviews, they found an extra £100k of reliable revenue and new opportunities for community collaboration.

Bright HR logo

Transparency triumphs: Barkweb

This Eastbourne-based digital marketing firm takes the ‘no-BS’ approach seriously. Even so, they hit a snag in internal culture and motivation. Through a focused strategy day, they were able to revamp their productivity, even tapping into new business areas.

barkweb logo

The understated link: always possible

Okay, modesty hat on—but here’s the thing. Each of these organisations took on their challenges with renewed vigour after spending some time with us at always possible. Call it a reset button, a pause for reflection, or even a strategy day. But sometimes, the key to untangling complicated problems is simply finding someone to help you see the wood for the trees.

So, whether you’re stuck at the crossroads of technological innovation or human resources, remember that solutions often come when you least expect them, from places you may not have considered. Because the true beauty of pain points? They make the ensuing solutions all the more gratifying.

And yes, if you find yourself scratching your head over these puzzles, know that, sometimes, a subtle nudge can make all the difference. After all, solving complex issues often requires us to be a bit brave.