Reset. Restart – A round-up

A series of blogs by workshop leader and programme mentor Lucy Paine.

Reset. Restart was a programme of free business support delivered earlier this year by Brighton Chamber and always possible in partnership with the Business & IP Centre Brighton & Hove.


The flexible programme included facilitated networking events, 1:1 mentoring support and a series of four workshops – all held online.

The programme proved so popular that we ran the full set of workshops twice!

For each session we focused on a different area of the Business Model Canvas, bringing speakers with a story in their area, together with experienced and new businesses who want to structure their planning and tighten their business model. The sessions were lively and inclusive, and there have been some great take-aways. We thought we’d share them with you here.

These blog posts were written by always possible Associate Lucy Paine, who is one of the programme mentors and led the workshops and networking sessions.

Read the first blog – Pitching it Right

A workshop to help with communicating what your business offers and what problems you are solving for customers.

Read the second blog – Price with Confidence

Good pricing means being competitive while making the profit you need. This workshop will help you make sense of your pricing structure.

Read the third blog – Your Perfect Customer

This workshop helps you look at who is, and isn’t, buying from you – and why?

Read the fourth blog – Tools for the Job

In many ways, your suppliers are as important to you as your customers. This workshop shows you how to identify the equipment, technology and expertise you need to drive your business forwards.