BLOG: The Possibility Club – an explainer


You might have recently joined The Possibility Club, or you might be an old-hand having joined some time ago.

Either way, we thought it would be useful to give a bit of a refresh on what it is for you and how you can get the most out of it – as you might be seeing a new flurry of activity or some changes.

What actually is The Possibility Club?

The Possibility Club is an online hub, a podcast and an events programme – aimed at mid-career professionals who want to engage in big ideas.

It will always be free to take part.

The Possibility Club currently has 614 members from the UK, Canada, USA, Australia, Dubai, India, Denmark, Croatia, Germany, Solvenia, Argentina and Poland.

5 reasons to visit regularly

  1. Brilliant learning sessions and curated resources
  2. Heads-up on events, opportunities, funding etc before anyone else
  3. Bring your friends and colleagues – everyone welcome
  4. It’s not ‘networking’ where everyone is selling something
  5. Friendly vibe, people to meet, accessible via desktop or mobile

Come and exchange ideas, connect with a range of diverse but like-minded people, from social scientists, community activists and technologists to business leaders, researchers, designers, teachers, neuro-diverse stand-up comedians, shakers, breakers and change-makers.

Scroll down for more info about what’s in it for you.

The Main Space

The main space in The Possibility Club can be navigated through the ‘Discovery’ tab once you log-in. Or you can pick topics that you like, or follow people that you think sound interesting. 

Any members can post articles or videos, ask questions or start a debate.

You’ll find regular commentators and contributors in the space posting things to read, do or discuss.

Meg Fenn’s Creativity Challenges

Are exclusive to The Possibility Club and feature a weekly(ish) inspiration to do something creative for two minutes.

Richard Freeman’s Finding Chances letter

Offers quirky observations on business, culture and education – connecting ideas in unlikely places, with recommendations of things that might interest you.

Would you like to contribute some regular ideas?


A key feature of the online hub is the community circles. You may have been invited to join one because of a particular project, or a colleague has invited you to join the discussion.

We currently have some open and some closed circles, depending on the type of project. We also work in collaboration with many other organisations to use the circles as shared knowledge spaces in which participants can upload documents, recommend things to watch or listen to, or take part in debates under particular topics.

An example of a closed circle is >BREAKTHROUGH, which is used as a space by participants in the South East Business Boost programme for female and minority ethnic entrepreneurs from East Sussex.

But even if you are not part of that project, you can find lots of business-focussed tips and resources in the Building Business circle.

An example open circle, which anyone can access, is Ageing Well. This is a space to bring together cutting-edge research, curiosity and grassroots practice when thinking about ageing, health, wellbeing, technology and design.

This space is co-curated with The University of Sussex, and is facilitated alongside a unique programme of online events and a podcast series.

For more information, visit Ageing Well


The Podcast

The Possibility Club podcast, is a weekly dive into change and risk. 

The current series – 5 Big Questions – sees Richard Freeman interviewing an expert or high profile figure from the worlds of business, culture or education. Each person answers our 5 Big Questions through the lens of their sector or experience. 

Our previous series – After Corona? – ran throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, and explored its impact on society and industries, while projecting forward to what might come next. Interviews with prominent figures were dovetailed with everyday experiences from chefs, engineers, artists, dentists, teachers and many more.

After Corona? podcast - Jimi Famurewa - the food writing we want next
After Corona? Podcast: Michael Rosen
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