We don’t work with everyone. Why?

always possible Business Support Lead, Sam Hawkins, explains.

To some, business support feels like a bit of a dark art. Every relationship between business and consultant involves commercial secrecy, frank conversations / critical friendship that should never be made public and complex problems that get chewed over in shady corners.

It’s actually rarely like that.

And if you’re looking for a quick fix because one thing has gone horribly wrong and you want to keep it hidden, then always possible team are the worst people to bring in.

Because we’ll keep asking you – what happens if you look up and look out more?

We work with over 200 ambitious businesses each year.

Sometimes, it is in short bursts.

Through targeted mentoring projects, such as >BREAKTHROUGH and The Confident Business series. Through training, advice and illustrated case studies, like you might see on our GLIDE course or Recover & Rise webinars. Or specialist help accessing grants, like beneficiaries in the SEBB grants programme in East Sussex.

News - Announcing a new ‘really practical’ business support programme for Brighton & Hove. The Confident Business series Glide Radical Collaboration course news

Sometimes, it is for a long time, as critical friends and partners, helping teams to rethink strategy, planning and decision-making. Enabling business owners and their teams to think big and set (and achieve) some really bold and brilliant goals.

But everyone we work with has three traits in common.


Restlessness is good.

always possible’s diverse team of support specialists are keen to empower organisations to be able to get out there and find answers and opportunities for themselves sustainably. We show, we don’t tell. Our business support aims to leave you able to find the answer you might need next. We will leave you not only with the tools in your hands, but already using them in your work.


Whether its hands-on support to submit a growth grant application; or workshopping with your board to finesse a five year strategy; always possible are committed to getting to the “why” to leave everyone we work with better equipped and confident to be able to do more of that work for themselves in the future.

Willingness to collaborate.

always possible know that contemporary success – commercial or community – needs to look past the worn out idea of “the corporate” and “the customer” to building and sustaining a network of supporters who believe in what you do and will come along for the journey. Being open to trying things out in partnership is an essential part of this.

If you’re a business that finds this simply a distraction from the bottom-line. Then thanks for reading. Good luck.

But if you want to know how the future can be really, really exciting for you…?

Call us.