You want to build your business in challenging times.


In an age of big economic, technological, environmental and social disruption, only the most sustainable businesses will thrive.
Our Post-Traumatic Growth programme puts a whole team of experts in your hands to help you cut through the noise, ensuring that your next-steps planning works.
With the 4 month programme, you’ll be overhauling your business plan and making critical decisions about where to put your resources for the best possible return.
With the 8 month programme, you’ll be preparing for growth in your customer base and in your business mission. You’ll have new data and insight on what your customers or audiences need. You’ll have a refreshed offer, an amazing black book of key contacts and some rocket fuel in your belly.


Big thinking | Hard listening | Clear planning | Radical collaborating

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"always possible has been an excellent business mentoring and coaching service, sharing their knowledge freely and helping me to step back and evaluate the business from different perspectives." Dale Brunning, Hove Digital