How we help

4 month programme

Express support when you need it most

You have ambitions for the future. But time is of the essence.

Some support from our team of experts would be useful in shaping that thinking, building confidence and making the case to others. Someone to run alongside you over the next few weeks.

Reset. Restart

Reset. Restart – a new programme of free advice and support

Reset. Restart is a new programme offering free support for Brighton and Sussex businesses who want to structure their planning and tighten their business model. It’s designed to help build resilience and develop the practical skills needed to survive and, ultimately, to thrive.


Powerful business support, from people who think differently

A different sort of business support for East Sussex

Aimed at female and minority-led small and medium-sized businesses who want to fly high. >BREAKTHROUGH delivers hours of free mentoring, training and bespoke support.

Business Boost: Grants

Up to £10,000 to power your growth and productivity

Practical support for East Sussex businesses

If you need a business boost, we can help you secure a grant for equipment, ICT, consultancy or training

8 month programme

Critical friendship when you need it most

You have ambitions for the future. Big ambitions…

Recessions and economic upheaval don’t always feel like the time for bold and radical ideas. But if any business is going to lead on a ‘reset’, it’s yours.

The Possibility Club

A free peer network, for professionals who think the future can be better.

We’re interested in post-traumatic growth. Social, community, economic, cultural, spiritual, political, educational growth. How are you shaping what comes next?

The Possibility Club is a safe space to think aloud.