8 month programme

Critical friendship when you need it most

You have ambitions for the future. But there’s a lot of stuff getting in the way.

You have an opportunity for some bold thinking about what an agile 21st century enterprise can look like. But you’re having to make really difficult decisions in uncertain times.

Your business has sustainability and creativity at its heart, but you’ve got a lot of responsibilities and one wrong move feels fatal.

Recessions and economic upheaval don’t always feel like the time for bold and radical ideas. But if any business is going to lead on a ‘reset’, it’s yours.

Some external critical friendship would be useful in shaping that thinking, building confidence and making the case to others. A team of experts, who can unpick the plan, clear the fog and power-up what ever is next.


We get that. We understand the challenges. We’d love to help.


The 8 month Post-Traumatic Growth programme

Tried-and-tested methodology. Completely bespoke content.

  • Over 10 hours of workshops, training and 1:1 mentoring
  • We find out what your customers want from you
  • Visual guides and maps of where you’re going
  • A clear plan for your whole team and investors
  • Access-all-areas to a national peer network of leadership and growth expertise
  • Affordable monthly payment plan


The project and the mentors have made us think outside the box about our business, its goals and how to achieve these. It has allowed me to gain confidence in making these decisions with the fellow directors and ensure our resources and infrastructure are fit for purpose to scale-up.

Scott Monk, GM Monk Electrical View case study

The always possible team have recently brought over £100k of funding and support to all levels of the organisation. It has been an invaluable partnership.

Alastair Whatley, The Original Theatre Company

I’ve been working with the always possible team over the last couple of years and have been seriously impressed with their ethos and output. They came in to run a workshop for our start-up that was suffering serious growing pains. They challenged our longstanding opinions and thought processes and helped us solve problems in a way that extremely eye-opening. This allowed the business to change direction and focus down on the clear priorities.

I believe the only way to progress is to surround yourself with people that bring something different to the table. This is what always possible do with aplomb.

Dan Flanagan, Dad La Soul View case study

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