West Sussex Recover & Rise

Free workshops for West Sussex SMEs

West Sussex Recover & Rise SME Digital Accelerator Programme.

West Sussex County Council have launched a series of FREE online workshops designed to maximise the impact and accessibility of digital technologies.

Recover & Rise SME Digital Accelerator

Workshop sessions have been put together by local digital experts Freedom Works, always possible & Creative Bloom in partnership with the County Council & boroughs to help small and medium businesses utilise digital tools and gain expert knowledge and advice in how best to grow their online presence and attract and retain new customers.

always possible is running workshop Series 4 – Growth Expansion & New Products. Free tickets are available to book now.

Series 4: Growth Expansion & New Products

Tues Jan 11th 12:00-13:30

Digital tools for business growth – where do I start?

Meet some business growth experts, explore your own digital strengths and areas for development and network with others on the programme. You will get a full overview of Series 4 and what to expect in upcoming webinars.

Presented by Jody Raynsford

workshop 1 - digital tools for business growth

Thurs Jan 13th 12:00-13:30

How do I future-proof my business in the digital world?

Gain an understanding of cyber security for growing businesses, the internal skills a business needs in order to be digitally future-proof, and find out about emerging technologies that are lowering the cost of digital transformation for small businesses.

Presented by Emrys Green

Workshop 2 - future-proofing your business

Tues Jan 18th 12:00-13:30

How do I use technology to save time and increase sales?

Learn how automation, staff training and productivity apps can save your business time whilst increasing turnover and profitability.

Presented by Lyndsey Segal

Thurs Jan 20th 12:00-13:30

How do I boost productivity when people are working remotely?

Learn the importance of management tools and information structures to improve a team’s communication and productivity in the workplace when working remotely. Take away tips and recommendations for using technology to support functioning teams.

Presented by Emma Mills-Sheffield

Tues Jan 25th 12:00-13:30

How do I access new markets and create new innovative products with digital tools?

Maximise the ways you use data insights, innovation support, digital design processes and collaboration to access new markets and create/scale new products and services.

Presented by Lucy Paine

Workshop 5 new markets and innovative new products

Thurs Jan 27th 12:00-13:30

Tech-driven growth in West Sussex visitor economy

Hear from experts about how technology-driven innovation can unleash disruptive change in the West Sussex visitor economy – including travel, tourism, culture and hospitality.

Panel discussion.

Tues Feb 1st 12:00-13:30

End of season Recover & Rise Ask the Experts

Conclusions from the series, Q&A, networking.