Creative industry resilience

Richard Freeman speaks to Joanne Goodey, always possible associate, creative arts and events specialist, consultant and lecturer. They discuss resilience in the creative industries – what it means to build business in uncertain times. And Jo shares what she’s learnt about the impact of the pandemic from working within the creative/events sectors.

Declan Cassidy – Into Games

always possible associate and Into Games CEO Declan Cassidy speaks to Richard Freeman about his ground-breaking games careers initiative, which aims to level the playing field for young people and de-mystify and raise awareness of the many routes into the games industry.

People, Places, Personalisation

Richard Freeman previews the ‘People, Places, Personalisation’ series of curated events taking place in autumn 2020 as part of DRIVAartsDRIVA and speaks to Donna Close, Senior Research Fellow at the University of Brighton about the mission behind the £1.6m project.