Strategy & Impact: CONSTRUCTION

The built environment sector is changing.

Do you feel confident enough to lead some of that change?




DEFINE the impact you have


It is easier for larger businesses to make the most of apprenticeships and structured work experience programmes. But it is small and growing SMEs that are competing for top talent. Good estimators, site managers and surveyors are like hen’s teeth.

How robust is your recruitment strategy? Do you know how to attract, motivate and retain the right people?

Do the right people understand what makes you different, and somewhere that will invest in their future?


Getting more women into construction, civil engineering and architecture is imperative. But it is easier said than done. Box-ticking is pointless, but a strategic view on how to tap into energetic, productive, focused people is what separates the good from the great. Regardless of age, gender, social background, sexuality, ethnicity or favourite Spice Girl – your business and its culture will thrive if it gets the best from everyone.

What does this mean for you, and are your competitors leaving you behind?


Buildings and roads are carbon intensive. Your customers want cheap and quick. How do you square that circle?

Now is the time to be brave, and to get ahead of the conversation. Your future customers want carbon neutral builds with zero waste, but you need to be getting ready for them now.

You can’t do everything all at once, so how are you making smart business decisions that will genuinely change the game?

MEASURE what happens because of what you do

Our tools and guidance are designed for busy businesses that want to demonstrate the impact they are having on their people, customers, environment and communities.

We’ll get your data working harder for you, with clear plans to make more of the information you have. So that you can build a bank of evidence that shows just how different you are in your ambitions.

COMMUNICATE the change you’re making

We have enabled construction companies, and those in the wider built environment sector, to build influence through confident positioning.

We specialise in story-telling and communications strategies, to invite the world to see your innovation in action. You are balancing social value with commercial growth, sustainable future-focus whilst honouring your experience – now you’ve just got to be heard.

Why employee wellbeing is just good business
Why employee wellbeing is just good business

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When teams get together to think big, extraordinary things happen.

Does it feel like you’re working flat-out to balance commercial growth alongside environmental responsibility, social change and staff wellbeing?

Our facilitators will ensure that you feel clear and confident about what’s working and what’s not. And where your added value is giving you the best advantage.

So you can make smart decisions about where best to put time and energy.


We have the tools and expertise to help you prove the numbers, stories and lessons behind your ideas.

So you can do more of it.

You might be levelling the playing field for young people – or are a net zero pioneer.

Your products and services could be disrupting old-fashioned industries – or unlocking opportunity and value in ways that put you ahead of the curve.

With a clear plan, you’ll have the data to back up your claims.


It’s not vision you’re lacking – it’s time and capacity.

Our team of 25+ experts can supercharge your five year plan, collect data, talk to customers and design attention-grabbing reports.

Let us measure your impact over time, giving the most authentic account of the added value you’re creating, how, when and where.

A full strategic partner for up to one year, building your long-term impact. 

Don’t dream of changing the world. Know how to do it.


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GM Monk. Electrical. Fire. Security. (logo)

always possible have made us think outside the box about our business, its goals and how to achieve these.

It has allowed me to gain confidence in making these decisions with the fellow  directors and ensure our resources and infrastructure are fit for purpose to scale up.Scott MonkCEO, GM Monk

Strategy in action

Our new strategic partnership with Alirity
Our new strategic partnership with Alirity

Our partnership with Alirity will help ambitious teams to develop commercial resilience and technological innovation whilst also being powerhouses for transformational social value.

What does ethical leadership sound like?
What does ethical leadership sound like?

In the business world, a successful entrepreneur must have a good sense of what their customers want and how they’re being perceived in the market.

Best professional services for a 2nd year?
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