You’ve got a great idea. You just need people to notice it

When we say that we help brilliant organisations design and deliver campaigns, we mean some quite specific things.

  • Campaigns to change or improve systems or cultures.
  • Campaigns to promote opportunity or equality of access.
  • Campaigns to engage new audiences in transformative projects.
  • Campaigns to create new, 21st century narratives that refresh stale ideas.



We’ll help you work out where you are

We have great partnerships with PR and digital marketing companies if you’re already very clear about what you’re putting out into the world.

But if you don’t feel that clear yet. Or you need to model some options – or play with some risky ideas in a safe space. Then an always possible strategy workshop is going to save you a lot of time and money.


Getting the ducks lined up

We bring the power of design, strategy, market research, evaluation, story-telling, audience engagement and critical friendship to the table. 

Are all of your stakeholders on board? Are you being too ambitious? Not ambitious enough? Who is your audience? What does success look like? Does it make sense?

You know what you do. We can help you prepare to let the outside world in.



The Careers & Enterprise Company
Into Games
The Original Theatre Company
Skills East Sussex
Hospice UK

always possible is a binding agent that works outside of silos and spreads best practice, useful info and data as it emerges.

Martin Ellis, RSE Group