Case Study: Research, Evaluation & Design

Age UK West Sussex, Brighton & Hove evaluation



Age UK West Sussex, Brighton & Hove were at an exciting point in development, following the recent merger and award of 11 contracts from Public Health.

Their 5-year strategic plan clearly sets out aspirations for both how they want to work and the impact they want to have with a growing older population in the region.



Age UK West Sussex, Brighton & Hove are offering an increased number of services, which in turn increases the range of delivery partners. This results in a need for a shared language with which to recognise and talk about impact across partnerships, with service users and internally. A robust evaluation framework was required that can be embedded in the work that Age UK do.

Our aims:

  • Increase confidence in staff across the organisation and with community partners in talking about impact
  • Increase understanding of collection data and how it tells the story of the organisation
  • Increase commitment to collect and track impact


  • Theory of Change workshops with leadership and staff
  • Development of an evaluation plan
  • Impact measurement tools and recommendations


  • Theory of Change document ✓
  • Evaluation plan ✓
  • Evaluation collection tool ✓
  • Communications and toolkit for staff ✓
  • Staff at all levels are engaged in developing the impact measures ✓
  • Staff understand the data they are collecting and why ✓

“I’m so excited to just start it now!”

“Really powerful, the way [the Theory of Change] is presented is superb!”

“It is a really big development big for the whole organisation. It will just help us, full stop, in everything we do!”

“It was massive piece of work and it was a really really good job. I’m really impressed!”

Jo Clarke

Age UK