Case Study: Events, Engagement & Facilitation

Coventry City Council



Coventry has the spotlight during 2021 as the UK’s City of Culture. But how can Coventry City Council make the most of this opportunity and innovate their ongoing Culture, Events, Sports and Destination programmes and make the most of the legacy?



always possible was bought in by Coventry City Council to work with their Sport, Culture, Destination & Events teams at a time of development and transition. After many months of working remotely during the pandemic, the teams wanted an opportunity to feel more connected and inspired.

always possible worked with Coventry City Council to carve out time in their busy schedules, creating a space to space to think about big ideas aloud, build relationships across teams and to think about what is possible for the future of Coventry’s culture, tourism, events and placemaking.


  • A series of ‘Knowledge Exchange’ events with guest speakers sharing best practice
  • A series of ‘What if?’ events, designed to get the team thinking big and out of the box
  • A curated resource library, for the team to use in their own time, to further reflect on the themes and discussions that took place


  • Teams felt more connected and listened to
  • Newly developed relationships and networks formed through guest speaker events
  • Opportunities to learn from speakers and replicate best practice across services
  • Cross department discussions and relationships improved and developed