Case Study: Strategy & Impact

Fox & Bear – added value in the tech sector



Fox&Bear is a reputable digital marketing company, specialising in creative design, paid media advertising and search engine optimisation.

They are market experts in the healthcare and wellbeing sectors.


Fox & Bear logo


Fox&Bear had recently acquired another agency, and wanted to reassess their core purpose and where the new-look agency should focus.

They wanted their values and care to define the way their customers saw them but didn’t know where to start.

The method

An Impact Strategy Day.

always possible facilitators spent the day with the senior team, running a careful selection of activities to provoke confidence and clarity.

The structure was designed to tackle some knotty problems head-on.


Immediate changes to decisions around positioning and communications.

A more defined offer, with more coherent pricing and focus on target clients.

Better alignment between their added value and impact with the commercial service.

always possible facilitated a slick strategy workshop that more than delivered on the outcomes we were looking for.

The day was well-organised with lots of deep­ delving questions that got to the bottom of our strategic decision-making. With their help we have been able to polish our offering and be clearer why we exist. Just small things!

Oh, they also bring brilliant biscuits.

James Dempster

Managing Director, Fox&Bear