Case Study: Research, Evaluation & Design

KCL student Theory of Change workshops



King’s College London (KCL) physics students, have been looking at principle of Gender Action – and how to remove the gender-biased language in science education that can put off young women and girls from pursuing the subject.

In 2021, always possible ran a Theory of Change workshop for KCL, to help measure the impact of initiatives such as Gender Action – and we were asked back again due to popular demand.



always possible was tasked with encouraging students to consider how can they can best measure the real impact they are having with their Gender Action projects in schools.

There was a challenge to ensure this delivery happened earlier in their course so that tools and knowledge gained could be utilised from the start of students’ project planning.


  • Introduced students to the Theory of Change methodology via a workshop
  • Follow up 1:1 slots to discuss their own individual Theory of Change with Vicky Tremain, our Research, Evaluation and Design Project Lead


  • Students have a new understanding of how to measure the impact of their projects ✓
  • Students create high-quality evaluation plans and resources ✓
  • Students can demonstrate a good understanding of how to apply the methodology to their practical projects ✓