Case Study: Strategy & Impact

Kreston Reeves – added value in the finance sector



Kreston Reeves is one the UK’s 25 largest accountancy firms, with offices in London, Sussex and Kent, and over 600 employees.

They are multi award-winning for their financial support and advice to businesses, non-profits and private


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Kreston Reeves has an extensive CSR programme under its KR Communities initiative. It also has a charitable foundation.

The company have selected four UN Sustainable Development goals with which to a align their corporate strategy – Quality Education; Climate Action; Good Health & Wellbeing; Reduced Inequalities.

The challenge has been about giving each strand more practical alignment, resource allocation and impact measurement, to ensure that resources are best allocated and that ambition can always be strategic and amplified. 

The method

An Impact Strategy Day.

always possible facilitators spent the day with partners, auditors and communications staff to unpick the why, what and how.

Priorities around capacity, data and story-telling were clarified.


Shared languages and understanding between different departments.

A clearer business case for resources and data to drive impact as part of commercial strategy.

Now, next and later priorities that are practical to implement.

It was a really good day and your facilitation really helped.

Next steps for us are to distil all this into comprehensive goal and plans for the next financial year.

Jennifer Williamson

Partner, Kreston Reeves