Case Study: Strategy & Impact

PTAL – added value in the construction sector



With over 40 years of design and delivery experience, PTAL is a firm of  architects started in 1978 by Peter Taylor.

They specialist in housebuilding, educational and hospitality within the private and public sectors.


PTAL - Architects, masterplanners, designers. (Logo)


PTAL wanted an independent, expert view of the company, particularly looking at financials and marketing.

They wanted strategic advice on positioning in the local community, and how they could better communicate their design innovation for the sector.

The method

Training & Mentoring.

The always possible team helped executive leaders to adopt different tools for forecasting and aligning commercial with added value strategy.

Background research helped with positioning within the wider sector.


Improved cashflow forecasting.

Planning for opportunity.

Established new goals around marketing and positioning.

This has been useful for me, personally; giving me more tools and knowledge, to  help me improve the prospects of PTAL. I found the mentoring really interesting and helpful.

Our sessions have resulted in understanding ways to improve cashflow and a short marketing paper suggesting other ways we could monetise our knowledge and experience.

Will Taylor

Company Secretary, PTAL