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The Confident Business – Increasing Engagement



always possible had previously collaborated with the Brighton Chamber of Commerce to design and deliver Reset. Restart – a programme of support for small businesses in Brighton & Hove, led by the Business and Intellectual Property Centre (BIPC) in Brighton.


The Confident Business

The success of this programme and resulting demand, highlighted the need for a further programme of support. We once again worked in partnership with the Brighton Chamber to design and deliver a programme of business support workshops, peer learning networking sessions and 1:1 support for established businesses, sole traders, micro businesses and start-ups in Brighton & Hove.




Although successful and in high demand, it was identified during evaluation of the Reset. Restart project that perhaps the programme had not reached enough under-represented business leaders.

With this in mind the new programme was tailored to better support businesses that face additional barriers – including female founders, and minority ethnic entrepreneurs.


  • Engagement and support
  • Q&A sessions with business experts
  • Workshops designed around the Business Model Canvas
  • In-person networking sessions
  • 1:1 mentoring with business experts
  • Now, Next, Later plans for mentees


  •  8 x 2 hour workshops focused on key topics (Pitch, Price, Customers and Tech)
  • Support for a wide range of businesses in Brighton & Hove
  • Entrepreneurs feeling more supported and connected
  • 25 x 1:1 90 minute mentoring sessions with business experts
  • Business access to BIPC databases
  • 4 x audio guides to complement the workshop series

It was a really great programme and I’ve found everything about it helpful. I really enjoyed the support session and feel more confident now to ‘press the go button’.

Liz, a participant in The Confident Business series

The Confident Business – Audio Guides


Drawing on the Business Model Canvas model and guiding you through why you need to know who your ideal customer is and how to be sure they trust you to meet their needs in ways your competitors can’t.


What do you need to know to be in control of your pricing and costs? How can you be empowered by your finances instead of afraid of them?


Now you know who your customers are – what are you going to say to them? You know your business has something exciting to offer, and that you’re creating real value for your customers. But how do you get the message across?


Crucial to success is access to expertise, communication tools, data, and technology. But with so much out there, how do you know what you need and how to get it?