Workspace in Bexhill

Research & Evaluation


Bexhill-on-sea is planning for a more prosperous future, and to avoid economic decline. To do this Rother District Council are reviewing the town’s offer to visitors, residents, potential residents, businesses and potential contributing agents to the economy.

The presence of a robust community of creative/cultural industries – those with origin in individual creativity, skill and talent (DCMS definition) – practitioners and organisations are acknowledged as a potential factor in the economic resilience of a town and ‘wealth and job creation’.

Rother District Council have been exploring means to support local creatives, and those present in adjoining towns (inc Hastings, Eastbourne, Brighton – Hailsham triangle/Wealden) by developing creative infrastructure that will encourage ‘generation and exploitation of intellectual property’. One potential measure is establishing a creative workspace.



For informed decision making around investment in a creative workspace, and the underlying assumption that Bexhill can benefit from creative/cultural industries growth, a study is desired to consider economic impact of such intervention.

always possible were appointed to undertake an economic impact assessment. This primarily involved three things:

Analysing and reporting;

    1. Understanding the primary economic impact of investment
    2. Understanding the potential secondary impacts
      – upon both creative infrastructure and visitor economy benefits

Making recommendations upon, and the initiating effective fostering of relationships with key related partners

Creating models for sustainable management of creative workspaces



  • Literature review
  • Research
  • Consultation
  • Economic modelling
  • Data analysis


  • Full 2-stage economic impact assessment ✓
  • Delicate local stakeholder consultation ✓
  • Viability review of three premises ✓
  • Costings and forecasts ✓
  • Comparator case studies ✓
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