Brighton Big Debates

Facilitation & Events



The Brighton Chamber of Commerce ‘Big Debates’ are a hot ticket, bringing together leaders from the private, public and voluntary sectors to interrogate major issues of the day.

The debates happen every 6-8 months, usually in the grand hall at Brighton Metropolitan College – and have a mix of panel discussion, audience roundtable debate and action-planning.

Recent topics include the future of skills; corporate social responsibility and internationalisation.



always possible has supported the design and structure of each debate since 2018, advising on panelists and questions for the audience to consider. Richard Freeman, always possible CEO, chairs the discussion.

The events have to cater for a wide audience; provocative without being divisive. Conversation for its own sake isn’t enough, so key is the accountability – asking audience members to make pledges around their own business behaviours; sponsors to take forward some of the actions.

The attendance and reach for each debate grows year-on-year.


  • Format design
  • Research
  • Panelist preparation
  • Facilitation


  • Increased audiences  ✓
  • Increased sponsorship  ✓
  • Greater reach  ✓
  • More accountability  ✓
  • Positive use experience  ✓