Brighton & Hove Buses

[a mature business case study]


Brighton & Hove Buses was established in 1884 as Brighton, Hove and Preston United Omnibus Company. In November 1993 Brighton & Hove was sold to the Go-Ahead Group and merged with the Metrobus service in other parts of Sussex.

The company operates over 320 vehicles, servicing nearly 50m passenger journeys per year.


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Business challenge

always possible was invited to design and deliver an interactive workshop for 40 senior leaders and managers at the company.

The brief was to get teams thinking different about the customer journey, and how business growth can be developed by improving experiences for passengers. The company were particularly interested to hear about how other sectors deepen relationships with customers, such as hospitality and the arts.


Business intervention
  • Research
  • Facilitation
  • Games
  • Problem solving
  • Strategic recommendations


Business outcome
  • Clarity of focus ✓
  • New thinking and approaches ✓
  • Greater innovation ✓
  • Understanding of other sectors ✓
  • Agreed ideas to test ✓
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