GM Monk

[an expanding business case study]


GM Monk are a family run electrical contractor business that has been trading across East Sussex for 40 years.

They have been turning over similar value projects for the past few years and have remained fairly static in our workforce numbers throughout. They understand their strengths as a business but felt they needed some guidance and support to move forward in some areas.

They had been discussing scaling for around two years before working with always possible to look inside the business and prepare for what the next steps could look like.



Business challenge

The main challenge felt in the business is the changing landscape of the sector; a lot of their work is contractual so they need to manage this effectively and ensure they have the correct workforce to take them forward. Staffing is an area they have really focused on – retaining and recruiting the right people.

The personal challenge of the Managing Director was having the confidence to take the next step forward in scaling after delivering a proposal to the other directors.


Business intervention
  • Mentoring
  • Workshops
  • Planning
  • Introductions
  • Strategic recommendations


Business outcome
  • Raise turnover ✓
  • Appraise staffing structure ✓
  • Training on leadership, collaboration and marketing ✓
  • Renew approach to local tendering ✓
  • Build on existing customer base ✓
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