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In 2016, always possible was appointed by Skills East Sussex to establish five partnership groups in order to explore local  challenges and opportunities around skills and employment.

These groups were to comprise of leaders in secondary, further and higher education; SMEs; big business; local government and other relevant stakeholders.

Skills East Sussex

Skills East Sussex case study, always possible


The groups should be strategic, demonstrate local leadership, be unafraid to tackle tricky issues and collaborative in approach. The groups should be action-led, with clear governance and accountability – drawing together existing expertise, resources and imagination as well as leveraging new external funding for joint projects.

The first phase of the project lasted from 2016 – 2019, establishing quarterly meetings for five partnerships – focused on priority sectors of creative & digital, engineering, land-based, visitor economy and construction. The groups were focused on core priorities, with annual action plans, but the biggest aim was to build deep trust and collaboration between different stakeholders. A shared language was needed between business, education and public services, identifying common goals and working backwards to address barriers to progress.

The meetings took place in different locations, opening up new spaces and perspectives, with a co-chair model ensuring that equal weighting on the agenda was given to business and education colleagues. A mix of updates/presentations, action-led discussion and collaborative planning ensured that the groups used data and insights to develop new ways of working together that amplified existing activities and plugged gaps with new ideas.


  • Facilitation
  • Event design
  • Resource creation
  • Data analysis
  • Reporting
  • Research and evaluation
  • Fundraising


  • Engagement of over 40 businesses, 5 cultural venues, 3 universities, 4 colleges, 5 independent training providers and 5 local authorities ✓
  • Over £1.4m secured for investment in training facilities and curriculum ✓
  • £420k secured for creative and cultural skills development ✓
  • Designing a Future Skills Summit for 200 delegates ✓
  • Chairing and facilitating working groups and sub-groups ✓
  • Design and production of careers-related resources ✓
  • Data analysis and presentation ✓

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