CATCH-UP: Coastal West Sussex Ideas Exchange

Business and climate action. An opportunity for business leaders in the Coastal West Sussex region.

This online event, held on December 8th 2021, was an interactive and facilitated workshop (Ideas Exchanges) for local business leaders. It was an opportunity to capture views and ideas from business people, entrepreneurs and stakeholders which explore tangible interventions about how businesses can reach net zero.

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Business and climate change

  • What more you can do to reduce your business’ impact on the environment and what support do you need to do that
  • What productive collaborations could be created to have a positive climate impact in our area
  • How can we capitalise on rapidly growing markets for low carbon, green solutions
  • Your own ideas and views on business and the environment
  • How we effect positive change in the area


HEAR FROMCoastal West Sussex Ideas Exchange 8th December at 1pm

Leading voices on environmental issues and business


business, climate impact, sustainability, environment, collaborations


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