Modern Slavery in Sussex: how can we address the problem?

Modern slavery is an issue affecting millions worldwide. The UK is no exception with areas including Sussex experiencing multiple cases and supporting many victims. Despite its prevalence, it is not a widely understood or recognised issue with many unsure what to look out for or how to raise concerns.

This webinar brings together panellists from a range of research and practice backgrounds to provide a personal perspective aimed at helping highlight the scale of the problem. This event will explore the ways we can work together to eradicate the problem and consider some of the challenges involved in this aim.


  • Dr Shahrzad Fouladvand – Lecturer in International Criminal Law, University of Sussex
  • Richard Lancashire – Force Manager for Modern Slavery, Organised Immigration Crime and Migration, Sussex Police
  • Anna Wilson – RESTORE at King’s Church, Hastings
  • Helena Croft – Director, Streetlight UK

This project was funded by the University of Sussex and the Economic and Social Research Council to help translate academic knowledge into action.