Covid-19: information for our clients

Adjustments made by the always possible team

What peculiar times we are in. Our thoughts are truly with anyone who gets caught up in any of the health challenges.

Business-as-usual. Ish.


This is a quick note to say that it is business-as-usual from the always possible team, with a few minor adjustments as we respond to the evolving Covid-19 spread:
  • we will be working from home – avoiding face-to-face meetings, networking sessions or public events for the foreseeable
  • we have a number of digital tools and tested workflows that we will be using more – including cloud project management systems, web conferencing software and social media
Whilst the core team is small, we are healthy and resilient. We expect to ride through this period with minimal disruption to clients outside of the inevitable changes to events. All of the core team understand each project and we have contingencies in place should anyone fall ill and another team member needs to become the key contact for a short while. We are also continuing to expand our network of skilled associates who can step in and add capacity if needed.
If our ability to deliver does becomes compromised by widespread illness in a worst case scenario, we will let all clients know specifically what might be affected. We will talk that through with you in order to determine a back-up plan.
Our desk-based research, design, evaluation and strategy work will be largely unaffected – with facilitation and mentoring moving online for now. It is public events management that will see the biggest temporary challenges. This is constantly reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Nimble collaborators

It is important in these times that we move nimbly and collaboratively, so please do talk to us if you expect any changes from your end or if you’d like to troubleshoot any particular problems with us. We completely appreciate that there may be changes needed to project timelines and outputs, so all usual channels will be open to discuss any of these.
All small businesses are vulnerable during major economic disruptions like this, and we are no exception. However, we want you to be reassured that all of our growth and sustainability plans are on-track. There are no plans to scale-back at the moment. Cashflow is critical, as always, so more than ever we thank all clients who pay invoices on-time or early, and stick as close as possible to planned schedules. This also enables us to pay, in a timely way, the many freelancers and micro-businesses who support our work. They are likely to be hit hardest by the current situation, and we want to make it as easy as possible.

Thank you

Despite this pandemic, 2020 continues to be an extraordinary year for skills, innovation, culture and place-making. And we love working with you on it! Thank you for your continued support and partnership.
We will be using the next few weeks to share some of our learning. We’ll develop deeper frameworks for delivering facilitation, research and mentoring that enables leaders to work out what’s next.
This virus is going to be very tough for very many people in our society. We wish with everything we have that you, your colleagues and families remain healthy and strong.
Stay well, and we’ll keep talking.
Richard, Kate, Sarah, Uschi & the always possible team

always possible

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