Critical Friendship

Critical Friendship

True friends don’t just tell you what you want to hear

As relationships grow, they get deeper. For a select number of clients, the always possible team acts as wingman and confidante – providing ongoing support and challenge as plans and strategies evolve.

From reviewing pitches to testing prototypes, giving guidance on big change moments to help assessing data – our specialists can be on-hand as and when needed.


A wider pool to swim in

Whether through The Possibility Club, or other national engagement projects, we’re widely connected to different businesses, charities and public services across the UK. We can help clients that we work with over time to meet new people and build new networks. Our podcasts and events can often provide a valuable platform for 21st century leaders to articulate their visions to new audiences.

If you’re interested in retained services and support, book one of our free diagnostic calls and we’ll come up with a plan that is right for you.



Age UK
Grassroots Suicide Prevention

Expanding your network creates all sorts of new opportunities. Each fresh conversation I have about what I’m up to enriches my ideas and illuminates the next steps needed.

always possible help me to make great connections.

Katherine Courtney, Primary Space