Discussions & Debates

Discussions & Debates

Topics you won’t touch with a barge pole…?

Facilitators from always possible are neutral brokers, sitting independently in the chair of tricky dicussions that need to be had. You might have a specific agenda. You might want to bring people to the table that you know you disagree with, but you want to hear them out.

That is where we shine. 

From policy to process, planning decisions to pandemic recovery, parking spaces to the pursuit of Net Zero – we know how to effectively and carefully build constructive conversations that lead to action.


Defined by impartiality and integrity

Our commitment is to the best outcome that creates the most positive opportunities from which everyone benefits. We’re unafraid to ask difficult questions, but sensitive enough to understand how people need to navigate that. 


We create safe spaces for honest dialogue. Whether for thousands of people at a conference or in a quiet room when a board and their executive team are struggling to build consensus.



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Thank you for the contribution you made and the insights you gave us. It was pitched exactly right and gave a fresh injection of thinking at a time when we were in danger of getting too inward looking.

Martin Harris, Brighton & Hove Buses