EVENT: Driving Data

29th April // Using transport hub data to map the future of innovation.


Driving Data

As people move around in the 21st century, they leave a digital data trail – and when we step back and look at this aggregated all together, it can tell us about who we are, how we work, where we play and what matters to us.

How useful is this to business? How vital are these questions to artists?



The DRIVA arts DRIVA project is unlocking sets of unique, real-time big data and helping tech innovators to build from it and arts practitioners to create experiences from it.

In this free event, Pete Ferguson, CEO of Prospective Labs, talks about their mission to transform the way cities – and transport infrastructures – are designed, built and managed through the creative use of technology and a deep understanding of the science of way people move around.

Also hear from University of Brighton experts and other project partners about how DRIVA arts DRIVA can help you open up unprecedented opportunities.


29th April 2019  // 3pm – 5pm






Pete Ferguson – CEO, Prospective Labs

Pete Ferguson is Co-founder and CEO of Prospective as well as an Honorary Research Associate at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at UCL. Pete brings considerable experience in product management and industrial research in architecture, spatial planning and in the scalable deployment of urban modelling methods.


Prospective is a new company that simulates the dynamics of entire cities to predict the movement of people and vehicles in real time. But despite being in start-up mode, their work is already being taken up by some of the most important public sector organisations in the UK. They have ambitious plans to extend the use of their technology to a range of industries and coordinate decision making processes in cities.

Between 2008 and 2011 Pete lead project delivery at the spatial planning consultancy and UCL spinout Space Syntax Ltd where he was responsible for the delivery of over 100 architectural and masterplanning projects in the UK and internationally. Between 2012 and 2015 Pete was a Research Associate at CASA, UCL where he worked on the ERC funded MECHANICITY project (work published in Nature Scientific Reports) that investigated the impacts of urban form and transportation networks on energy use and climate change in cities.Grant Thornton, Prospective Labs, 

Pete is an expert in network science and is undertaking a PhD at UCL in applications of complex networks to urban planning. He has degrees in Geography and urban design was awarded the Savills award for urban design in 2008.



What is DRIVA arts DRIVA?

DRIVA (Digital Research & Innovation Value Accelerator) is a £1.3m University of Brighton research project funded by the European Structural Investment Fund and Arts Council England that aims to provide technology SMEs, creative arts practitioners and cultural organisations unprecedented access to Gatwick Airport’s big data.

We believe that the super-fusion of data-driven innovation and creative practice with access to artistic and scientific expertise can drive economic productivity, community impact and place-making in our region.

By unlocking the commercial, creative, social and/ or critical, value of data of from Gatwick Airport, and generating insights into the 50 million people who depart and arrive on our doorstep each year, we can accelerate the development of an untold range of new data-driven products, services, artworks and experiences.

Over the next two years, we’ll be providing free, intensive support, access to facilities, resources and expertise alongside cash awards to bring together hundreds of creative and technology organisations and practitioners to make the most of data as both material and currency.



Who is running these events?

These events are designed and developed by projects and place-making consultancy always possible in partnership with the University of Brighton and a range of expert cutting-edge data-driven practitioners from the worlds of business, tech, the arts and academic research.




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