Cloud Governance. Demystifying the Interaction of Cloud Computing and Corporate Governance Functions

Catch up with this free De Gruyter online event moderated by always possible CEO, Richard Freeman, to find out what questions you should be asking about cloud governance.

Steven Mezzio and Meredith Stein, co-authors of Cloud Governance: Basics and Practice, published by De Gruyter demystify the cloud and governance. They are joined by Jacqueline de Rojas, who has had a huge impact on shaping business practice and government policies on the scale and importance of digital transformation.

Cloud governance is a subject that can be off-putting for the non-technically minded. Join us as we help you become the smartest person in the room by discovering what questions you should be asking your Board of Directors.

Are you confused about transitioning your business to the cloud and what both leadership and employees should be responsible for? Do you wonder how you can make a business case for inevitable staff training, ensuring it dovetails with cloud governance? Have you considered how effective cloud governance can help on your journey towards net zero? No doubt you’ll want to avoid spiralling costs and effectively determine ROI.

The discussion focuses on cloud risks and opportunities for big and small businesses alike and is moderated by Richard Freeman, CEO of always possible.

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