How to have real social impact (and commercial success)

Listen to a Brighton Chamber one-hour online Q&A with always possible CEO, Richard Freeman.

Amy Lishman, Head of Member Engagement and Deputy CEO at Brighton Chamber speaks to Richard Freeman, CEO of always possible about responsible business and impact. They discuss what impact means for growing businesses, how to use the change you’re making as a commercial driver, and what simple tools there are for measuring your progress.

Topics covered include:

  • What is impact with relation to business (and how does this relate to social value, ESG, CSR, ‘purpose’, BCorp etc?)
  • Why would private businesses be interested in this?
  • How to define impact
  • How to measure impact
  • How to talk about impact without switching everyone off
  • Good examples of Sussex businesses using their impact to drive growth

Listen to the session below or read Brighton Chamber’s summary of the event.

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