An interactive webinar on new ways data innovators are tracking shopping habits.

In March 2020, the way we thought about spending money changed dramatically. And once the panic settled, more long-term behaviours started to be tested. Analysts declare that the high street will never be the same again and that Covid-19 has hastened the already evident decline in the vibrancy of our High streets. But how can we be so sure and how can engaging with data help to counteract that narrative and build a new type of experience in our town and city centres? Even in a global lockdown, innovators have found extraordinary ways to test how and why we shop, what experiences we want and what behaviours we are drawn to – by using data science and immersive technologies to simulate real-world environments. Watch this webinar to learn more about how mobile AR and VR has helped retailers collect data on lockdown shopping habits and desires.

SPECIAL GUEST: DR ALASTAIR GOODE In this presentation award-winning cognitive scientist and digital entrepreneur, Dr Alastair Goode, explains how mobile augmented and virtual reality experiences can create new data insights for retailers planning their next moves. Alastair is Chief Scientist from Brighton-based Gorilla In The Room, a leading immersive research technology company, who will give a presentation followed by a Q&A.

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