Formative evaluation

Formative evaluation

The best evaluations are those undertaken in real-time.

Co-designed between you and us.


You can concentrate on what you do best – creating value in the world and solving problems – whilst the always possible team provide critical friendship, collect data and measure the scope of what is working and what isn’t.

If it is in real-time, then you can change-up ideas as you go. Troubleshoot quickly. Adjust plans.


Using tested models doesn’t mean that your study won’t be unique

We know how to build a framework around your project or service. We can collect data on your behalf, or ensure you have the tools to do it yourself. Our experience means that we know what works, and which methodologies will bets suit your mission.

We’ll analyse, feedback and create recommendations at key milestones, ensuring that there is a robust mix of qualitative and quantitative evidence to draw from.


Teach someone to fish etc.

Crucially, formative evaluations don’t just help with the project in hand. Our work will be useful throughout your organisation, and will help you to become better evaluators and critical thinkers yourselves.



Sussex Council of Training Providers
Third Space Learning
QueenSpark Books
The Original Theatre Company
Social care institute for excellence
Croydon Community Partnership Against Trauma
IoP Institute of Physics
Into Games
The always possible team hold a wealth of information and have the ability to apply high level strategic knowledge to a particular locality and its needs. They make relevant connections and have the ability to take others through a learning process to become an effective delivery partnership. They are patient and generous with their knowledge – with a canny eye to political imperatives.

Sally Staples, East Sussex County Council