The Brighton Connectiv

A regular celebration of dynamic ‘doing’ by and for people who live, work, love, build and collaborate in Brighton & Hove.

As a direct response to the first series of The Brighton Paradox, there is a new free monthly digest called The Brighton Connectiv.

An independent update to help build a connected web of things bubbling. New ideas, opportunities and collaborations. Looking at business, tech, education, culture, health & wellbeing, environment, charity, community and food & drink. A signpost to under-the-radar brilliance, rather than a newspaper.

The project is one of a few being developed by Richard Freeman, Paul Doran, Charles Symonds and Sarah Ticho following feedback and dialogue about some of the communication gaps in the city. But it is a shared resource, and will be inviting contributions and volunteer curators and contributors.

The first edition is out now. Click the button below to subscribe.