Inclusive Facilitation

It’s easy to get the loudest, most engaged to take part.

What about those who are not so sure, or usually forgotten?

We don’t all think the same way

always possible events are not cosy talking shops in which nobody learns anything.

Careful design, curation and programming ensures that there is diversity of thought across any set of speakers, panelists or presentations.

If you can’t see it you can’t be it – so in order to inspire action, we ensure that delegates can see themselves reflected back in panels of mixed gender, ethnicity, social background and lived experience.

inclusive facilitation

Accessible moments

Whether online or in-person, we want events to be filled with the people for whom they are most valuable.

We work hard with all clients to model and design events in ways that don’t exclude anyone on the grounds of physical access, access to technical equipment, sensory impairment or affordability. We don’t always get it right, but we get better every day.


Speaking a shared language

What’s the difference between a symposium, a summit, or a conference? ??‍♀️

The language you use will determine whether you get the right audiences or not, and whether people trust what you’re offering is right for them.

We’ll help you navigate critical communications, so that your invitations sing.

The always possible team are able to unpick the issues and take away the individual biases – so that there is a level playing field to start the discussion from.

always possible is able to look at the wider picture and get people working together for a common goal.

Caroline Wood, Coastal West Sussex Partnership