Can your leadership go beyond your own organisation?

The concept of leadership is often boxed within the confines of boardrooms and corporate strategies. But the power of city and region-wide projects and campaigns in molding transformative leaders cannot be understated. But what is it about these more network-centric initiatives that sculpt leaders capable of thinking beyond the immediate, towards a collective future?

Systems leadership places emphasis on ‘doing’ that propels individuals beyond the boundaries of their own organisations. It’s a leadership style that takes a long-range view on collaborative needs for a place to thrive, encouraging organisational leaders to work together. This approach is not just theoretical but is grounded in the practical experiences and outcomes of initiatives like our Destination: Leadership project for the hospitality sector – developed in partnership with Brighton & Hove VI Form College.

The challenge, however, lies in empowering organisational leaders, often strapped for time and confidence, to step outside their day-to-day operations. It’s a significant barrier, but one that, when overcome, opens doors to a range of benefits: a stronger economy, enhanced social mobility, the creation of visible champions with influence, improved local policy and investment, and, perhaps most importantly, putting their place firmly on the map.

So, how can leaders engage with place-based projects without feeling overwhelmed? Partnering with experienced project designers and neutral brokers, like always possible, provides a scaffold. Beyond designing impactful initiatives, we also create platforms for individual leaders to contribute to something larger than themselves.

For project commissioners from local authorities or business partnerships interested in fostering a whole web of aligned leadership, the call to action is clear. Building place-based projects and campaigns is not a diversion from getting stuff done, but a profound means of enhancing it.

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