Building a database of ‘life readiness’ in education

Do you know of a brilliant project that equips people to be ready for anything?

The RSA Innovative Education Network has a taskgroup dedicated to working out what makes a brilliant ‘life readiness’ project.

This rudimentary database is an attempt to catalogue examples of interesting, ambitious and innovative practice from around the world – in which the preliminary aim has been to support learners with skills that will prepare them for a prosperous adulthood or old age.

At the moment, we are just collecting examples and ideas, from which we will start, at a later date, to do more detailed mapping and investigation into common themes, gaps and opportunities.



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Examples should be projects, initiatives, pilots, methodologies or practical research studies for which the core aim has been to instill and consolidate at least two of the following sets of behaviours:

Being resilient / practical / able to fail
Being clear / yourself / heard
Being empathetic / emotionally literate / open-minded
Being able to manage risk / courageous / responsible
Being creative / curious / collaborative
Being self-regulating / a life long learner
 / aware / reflective
Being a critical thinker / questioning / analytical / discerning

Please keep entries as brief as possible, following the formatting of the previous entries.

Provide as many links to external reading, evaluation, summaries or marketing as you can.

Please don’t amend or delete any previous entries. If you spot something very inaccurate, inappropriate or misleading, please email

Examples can be as big or small, complete or incomplete, ‘successes’ or ‘failures’. They can be examples from the UK or overseas.

Please only include an email address in the catalogue entry, if you are happy for people to contact you directly regarding the example – or you have permission from someone else involved.

Please do not add any personal contact details in this catalogue to any mailing lists and please do not contact people for any reason other than in relation to the project example they have submitted.



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