Measuring Change

How can you better measure the social and economic impact you have?

If you’re looking at this page, it is because you do good stuff.
Valuable work worth shouting about.


A good start

But maybe you’re finding that measuring that good stuff is tough. The change you’re enabling can be difficult to pin down. Like jelly. We get that.

How clear, and how deep, are your commitments to all of the stakeholders in your business? How big are the ripples (or waves) you make?

  • Staff and their families
  • Customers / audiences / service users
  • Community
  • Environment
  • Supply chain and who you buy from
  • Shareholders / investors / funders

Measuring change

Knowing your measurements

For years, the always possible team have been building and testing tools that measure impact – especially on complex projects that involve many people. We love those.

Example questions we have helped clients to answer:

  • Have mental health training programmes helped more children to succeed at school in South London?
  • Would investment in a state-of-the-art co-working space bring more start-up businesses to a sleepy seaside town?
  • Is the games industry a more attractive career option for women if you change some of the language used to talk about it?

Being realistic

Some change is easy (yay) and the data tells a compelling story. Some change is messy and less tangible (boo). It can take a long time. The evidence can be incomplete.

But if we don’t measure whatever new ideas we’re trying, and whether they are doing what we hoped or maybe surprising us, we can’t make the case to do more of it.

Or to do it differently. Or to do it bigger.

Working with retailers and educators, manufacturers and charities, governments and networks – in business, society and culture – we help build evidence, analyse data and tell stories of the projects, services and people who really are changing the world.

Worried that impact measurement is expensive and complicated?


View our very short Miro slideshow on how to communicate the change you’re making without committing lots of spend.

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How we measure change