A new weekly podcast to ask and answer 5 Big Questions

A new year, a new podcast series…

For the last 18 months our After Corona? podcast series has garnered and shared insight from people from all walks of society about their personal and professional experiences navigating the uncharted waters of a global pandemic. In late 2021, with green shoots of post-traumatic growth becoming evident, it seemed an appropriate time to end the series. You can listen to the final episode, where Richard reflects on what has been learned, here. So, 2022, what have we got for you? A new weekly podcast asks 5 Big Questions of a variety of special guests from across sectors and disciplines. The first podcast goes live on Friday January 7th and features legal academic and author, Heather Allansdottir. Richard and Heather explore space law and human rights whilst pondering the 5 Big Questions.
  1. How do we properly measure change and impact?
  2. How are growing enterprises preparing for the future?
  3. What sort of workforce will we need for whatever comes next? 
  4. How is creativity helping to solve problems?
  5. What does better collaboration look like?
Have questions about our Big Questions? Our CEO Richard Freeman explains more and provides some context in this blog post. Guests for this series include: Professor Sir David Spiegelhalter OBE FRS on statistics and data science; Rachel Kelley, CEO of Higgidy, on manufacturing and B-Corp value; Dr Julia Grace Patterson, CEO of EveryDoctor, on healthcare and activism; Dom Bailey FRSA, Strategic Director of Baxter & Bailey, on design and branding. SUBSCRIBE