Kate Regester shines a light on BRITE

What is BRITE?


Plus X Brighton Innovation Hub is an inspiring flexible work space, with access to outstanding facilities and business growth support.

The University of Brighton is a world leader in SME innovation.

Together they have joined forces as partners to deliver Brighton Research Innovation Technology Exchange (BRITE), a one-stop shop to support business leaders wishing to be part of a collaborative community, innovate and grow.

Our very own Kate Regester has joined the programme with an idea for an exciting innovation – we’re keeping this under our hats for now but will keep you updated as she progresses through the programme.

A screenshot from the Sussex Business TImes page that features BRITE and always possible

Click below to see Kate featured in Sussex Business Times (page 36) and scroll down this page as she answers a few questions about the programme.


Why BRITE Innovation? Which programme have you chosen?

As with many people, in the past year we have changed how we deliver and worked with even more organisations. We recognise the need to constantly evolve to provide the best service and also to use what we are learning to make innovations to the business which benefit the people we work with. This programme gives us the opportunity to step back and innovate in the way we design how we want to work with people. We also benefit from peer learning with a great range of people with very different businesses, specialities and points of view. We also get access to Plus X a great building and resources.

What do you hope to get from it (for yourself and/or always possible)?

This is all under wraps at the moment – but I am looking at digital solutions to make what we have learnt over the past 5 years accessible to a wider range of people (I also want to hang out on the roof terrace but it’s raining every time I come in). It’s also good to be working in the world a bit more.

What are you enjoying about it so far?

I enjoy working with a new framework and I’ve met some really interesting people. I’ve learnt about businesses I didn’t know existed – which has really enriched my thinking. I had my first business coaching session today and am charged up and ready to go!


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